Isabecta Brut Rosè

11,50 €

Sparkling Wine, Brut, 100% Sangiovese

Type: Vino

Production area: Pesaro e Urbino


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The company contemplates an extensive agricultural activity and the production of wine, oil and honey from organic crops respecting the places where you live and work. An agriculture that enhances the qualities of the local community and renounces the excessive exploitation of natural resources in order to safeguard the fertility of the soil, banning the use of synthetic chemicals to favor the use of organic material.
“Isabecta de Lominis, mother of Giovanni Santi and grandmother of the famous Raphael. In the 15th century, it received part of the estate in which our wine is produced today. "

Of a pale pink color and with a fine and persistent perlage, the nose has a pleasant fruity scent, mixed with hints of white flowers and a hint of bread crust. The taste reveals all the balanced freshness of a highly versatile wine, to be tasted from the first year of life, but which can also be appreciated in a more mature version. Ideally served at a temperature not lower than 10 ° C and not exceeding 14 ° C, in this range it goes with practically ... everything.

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