About us

Hello and welcome to Marche Road,

We are a startup whose project has been chosen by Marche Region among the most innovative ideas in its sector.

A portal where all the small and medium-sized structures operating in the tourism industry can find a suitable space with services, ideas and networking.

A portal dedicated to our region to simplify the life of every traveler interested in getting to know its wonders and opportunities.

From hotels, B&Bs and activities, to excursions, discovering local products, with many valuable tips and travel routes, in light of a particular period we are experiencing, in total safety.

We are proud to let you know and live our idea! And you? Are you with us?

What have been our awards to date?

Marche Region - LAG - Starting aid for entrepreneurial non-agricultural activities in rural areas. Call for proposals 2014-2020

POR Marche FSE 2014/2020, Axis 1 Investment Priority 8.i and Axis 2 P.inv 9.i Public Notice for the support to BUSINESS CREATION.
Incentives to support Business Creation 2019

Call for the granting of contributions to encourage the approach to B2B Digital Markets platforms. Year 2020 Call for the granting of grants to SMEs that have initiated digital internationalization processes for business activities with particular reference to access to B2B digital markets, new forms of marketing and the opening of new markets through digital platforms and software.

We have a territory formed by people and realities that are now more than ready to show everything that has not been told until now.

Why not exploit the particular moment we are living in order to unite and realize a united strength to face this period in the best way, reacting and not giving up!


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Marketing & Comunicazione

Progettazione e Sviluppo Software